our produce

We use a rotating selection of fruits and vegetables in everything from our quiche and breakfast salad to our hand pies and coffee cake. By building relationships with local farmers, we support systems that are regenerative to Oregon's agricultural lands.

our grains

All of our flour is milled by Camas Country Mill in Junction City, OR. They source grain from family farms in the Pacific Northwest, many of them old family farms that have been growing grains for generations.


Grain is one of the first crops to ever be cultivated by humans. Growing grain can fix soil that has been depleted by intensive agricultural practices that strips the soil of nutrients and decreases water absorption. Grains like rye, oat and buckwheat can be used by farmers as covercrops, increasing biodiversity, water retention and reducing erosion.


This kind of restorative agriculture is a major reason why we bake with whole grains. When we incorporate regenerative practices with our business, we help heal the earth. Learn more about why whole grains play an important part in land stewardship. 

everything else

We source our honey, dairy, eggs, bacon and other specialty products as close to Portland as possible to contribute to the health of our local food systems. 


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