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Portland, Oregon (and Cascadia as a whole) has a robust community of bakers, grain nerds and passionate eaters. Holding our community over competition is part of our mission and we aim to uplift and support other bakers in Portland. If you are looking to learn more about getting involved or supporting our network of bakers, please check out a few of the links below!

  • "Bread Army: The Radical Whole-Grain Guild Powering Portland's Bakeries" - by Miranda Rake for The Portland Monthly

  • 1000 Bites of Bread - Adrian Hale's website with info on sourcing flour, available workshops and lots more!

  • Seastar Bakery/Handsome Pizza - a combo bakery & pizzeria with a similar goal of building strong relationships around food.

  • Starter Bread - a community supported bread model run by Matt Kedzie offering monthly bread subscriptions.

  • La Reinita - una panadería urbana run by Cortney Morentin Selbiger offering workshops, pastry delivery & more!

  • The Cascadia Grains Conference - An annual conference connecting the diverse grain economy participants in the Pacific Northwest. Farmers, millers, bakers, distillers, brewers and more are all connected for a weekend of fun activities and workshops.

food & agriculture

Anyone can tell you about Portland's impressive food scene, made possible by the tireless farmers and creative chefs making the most of each season. This abundance is undeniable, yet there is still so much more happening than meets the eye. Nonprofits and other organizations in Portland are working together to educate the public and provide resources to cultivate healthy and equitable communities. We love to be a part of this mission in any way we can by participating in different fundraisers and events throughout the year.


Here are some of our favorite organizations to support:

  • Tender Table - a community centered platform for and by women, trans, and nonbinary people who are Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) to reclaim and celebrate their identities, narratives, and traditions through storytelling and food.

  • Growing Gardens - uses the experience of growing food to improve diets and health outcomes, bring science education to life, and create meaningful pathways to employment.

  • Culinary Breeding Network - builds communities of plant breeders, seed growers, farmers, produce buyers, chefs and other stakeholders to improve quality in vegetables, fruits and grains.

  • Eat Winter Vegetables - a project working with researchers at OSU to increase the production and consumption of locally grown winter vegetables.

  • Friends of Family Farmers - promote and protect socially responsible agriculture in Oregon through advocacy work.

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