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Intro to Whole Grain Baking

A deep dive into the how's, why's and what's of whole grain baking. We will talk about why growing grains is a practical & holistic solution to creating a regenerative agricultural system while including the knowledge and voice of those who have been historically oppressed & silenced. We will also go over the flavor profiles of certain grains, how to adjust conventional recipes to whole grain and be a shortbread demo.

Wed. 12/02; Sat 12/12 from 10am - noon PST

Classes held over Zoom.

Basics of Sourdough Bread

We will go over the benefits of creating a sourdough practice, how bread can be a nutritious base to your diet and of course how to mix and bake a beautiful loaf of sourdough bread! This is great for anyone who has just started dabbling in sourdough bread making and is looking for a little guidance and inspiration to keep it going.

Sat 12/05; Wed 12/14 from 10am - 11:30am PST

Classes held over Zoom.

Whole Grain & Sourdough Brioche

A primer on one of the most versatile and delicious classic doughs: brioche. Learn about the process of making brioche with sourdough and whole grain. Then we will go over a few of the many things you can do with brioche. Cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, brioche loaves and donuts, oh my!

Wed. 12/09; Sat 12/19 from 10am - noon PST

Classes held over Zoom.

Private classes are available starting at $200. Please contact Emily here.

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