about us

Wildflower Baking is an ever-evolving bakery using freshly milled grains and farm direct produce from the Pacific Northwest. You can place an order for pick up on Saturdays or delivery on Sundays.  

land recognition

Wildflower Baking acknowledges that the land we reside on has been stolen from the people of the Multnomah, Kathlamas, Chinook, Clackamas and other tribes. These people are the original stewards of the land and continue to strengthen our communities everyday.


Wildflower Baking is a small facet of a much broader community in and around Portland, OR. We work with many other businesses, farmers, millers, researchers and community developers to ensure that we are building a sustainable food system. 

our ingredients

We use ingredients grown by people who care about the earth and are actively looking for ways to restore farmland. Farming practices such as crop rotation and restorative agriculture help make the future brighter for generations to come.


Through the power of fermentation, sourdough transforms flour & water into a nutritious, easily digestible complete food. We've complied some resources to learn more about sourdough's magical properties and how to cultivate your own starter.

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