connecting bakers to the land they live on

Wildflower Baking School is a community supported educational platform that connects students to the land they live on through virtual classes, community outreach and personal relationships.

We explore the the magical and intuitive craft of baking using professional techniques while also learning about the the complex systems these foods come out of. By signing up on Patreon, you will have access to monthly classes, exclusive recipes and more! 


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about me

My name is Emily Squadra and I've been a professional baker, focusing on whole grain & sourdough baking, for about ten years. Wildflower Baking was a special order & farmers market bakery for about three years before Covid hit. Since then, I've had to completely rethink my career and give up on the dream of ever opening a brick & mortar bakery.

This is where Wildflower Baking School was born. I am excited to make professional food education affordable while also creating a pathway towards food sovereignty. I am passionate about teaching people the alchemical ways of fermentation and also strengthening community partnerships working toward an equitable food system.

land recognition

Wildflower Baking School acknowledges that the land we reside on has been stolen from the people of the Multnomah, Kathlamas, Cowlitz, Chinook, Clackamas and other tribes. The enormous debt that we owe these communities cannot be understated. These people are the original stewards of the land and continue to strengthen our communities everyday.


Through the power of fermentation, sourdough transforms flour & water into a nutritious, easily digestible complete food. We've complied some resources to learn more about sourdough's magical properties and how to cultivate your own starter. Sign up on Patreon to have access to more recipes and live, virtual classes to help troubleshoot your sourdough and learn other basic and advanced baking techniques.


Wildflower Baking School is a small facet of a much broader community in and around Portland, OR. We work with many other businesses, farmers, millers, researchers and community developers to ensure that we are building a more just and diverse food system that recognizes that everyone has different needs.


The online community is also strong. We work outside of our region to here the voices of many other bakers, farmers, food justice advocates and more so that we can move forward with this revolutionary food movement. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop about events and more!

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located on unceded land of the Multnomah, Chinook, Cowlitz and many others

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